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  1. Getting Satisfaction from Meaningful Work (Casual)
  2. My Short Poem 1 - The Morning Musicals of The Mother Nature vs My Bed (Short Poem)
  3. My Short Poem 2 - i BELIEVE, but with the Precautions (Short Poem)
  4. Why Create Anything - Humanity's Creativity (Casual)
  5. Year 2020 - When the Industry 4.0 started a supersonic march towards the Industry 5.0 (Future)
  6. Over-used Words such as 'Passionate' and 'Exciting' make me stop reading (Opinion)
  7. Business Development - The Pros and Cons of Social Media, Business Website, Old-school Marketing Media, and the Public Events (Management)
  8. Resume, Résumé and Resumé - and the Bias by the Both Parties - the Recruiters as well as the Applicants / Candidates (HR)
  9. Why expect the Human Brain or the Body to be 'Perfect' and, what is 'Normal' anyways? (Inspiration)
  10. 'Letting Go Of' huh? What if this is only a temporary remedy
  11. Akp51v Good Thoughts Vol. 1 (Casual)
  12. Our Worth has less to do with our Productivity, Certificates, Exams, Awards or our Popularity (Casual)
  13. Impact of Year 2020 on Jobseekers (Future)
  14. Tips for Unemployed or Laid Off Person - Akp51v (Future)
  15. The Power of Just One Week - What you can achieve in ONE WEEK (Casual)
  16. The 9 threats for Dreams - The Dream Destroyers (Casual)
  17. Death is the Best Reminder for taking your Life seriously and ambitiously - but Stoicism also has a point (Inspiration)
  18. Phone was charging slow, so what did I do? (General Interests)
  19. Progress Step By Step Day By Day (Casual)
  20. No More Editing or Checking the Views - Satisfaction is the Top Priority (Philosophy)
  21. SEO or Freestyle Writing - a difficult choice (General Interests)
  22. Meaningless Work and Meaningful Art (Casual)
  23. The Crown of a Clown - Chaplin's and JC's Life Struggles (General Interest)
  24. Adaptable and Flexible Writing matters too (Freelancing)
  25. Time-Quality Trade Off (Management)
  26. Follow Wisely since every Social Platform has Both Kinds of People (Casual)
  27. Hope, Growth Mindset and Fake Positivity (Human Behaviour)
  28. Ideas can come from anywhere at any time (Motivation)
  29. Blogging and Laptops are immortal says year 2020 (Opinion)
  30. Separate Your Satisfaction from the Immediate External Events (Motivation)
  31. Success is Indefinable Concept (Casual)
  32. Studying Toxic Behaviours - Identification and Management (Human Behaviour)
  33. Writing Heals You
  34. Uncertainty in Life is Not Surprising
  35. Please Get Enough Sleep
  36. Crying is Okay, You Know
  37. Crying is Okay, You Know
  38. Quartz Watches are Great, You Know
  39. Multitasking - its Nature and Prevention

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