Steve Jobs’ Speech at Stanford University - Most Inspiring Quotes

Yes. I will always remember Steve Jobs' commencement speech at Stanford in 2005. Let me paraphrase a part of his speech in the following few lines.

Death is the best reminder of the value of life. Stand in front of the mirror, and ask yourself, "If I were to die today, what would I want to do/change as my last act?" And if the answer is no in a row, I know that I need to change something.

A broken hourglass illustrates how fragile our life is. By Twitter/akp51v.

All the best, everyone, with Financial Planning. Will our generation be able to retire? Thus, I would rather avoid the words like 'Retirement Planning.' Stay safe, and be grateful that you can breathe, eat, sleep and smile. Thanks to Stanford University, the video featuring Jobs' speech on YouTube is available at [Akp51v have last rewatched and verified this video on 25 January 2023]

The opening of this written piece is my comment on a LinkedIn post that reminded us how death is the best reminder to celebrate the importance of living your life. Consider living your limited time on the planet Earth to its fullest potential.

So, I recalled that speech from the Stanford Campus.

In just three stories, Jobs summarized it. The essence of many great novels and scriptures in his speech. You may agree with this as well. Do check the video on the YouTube Channel of Stanford University.

This speech, cited above, might have already energized half of all entrepreneurs... on this planet.

Phrases such as 'just spending my time' or 'time-pass' were popular throughout my childhood, and maybe you have some similar experience at some stage of your life as well... teenage-hood and college-hood years included. We were young and safe within the four walls of that school building; only completing the curriculum or syllabus would make us worry.

We had so much time that we needed clarification about wasting it as much as possible.

Although I am grateful to the schooling system for exposing me to various ways of thinking, feeling, working, and showing up on time... I still think about this sadness which you can understand as well.

What if all that time was utilized for starting a blog? For expanding my skillsets which actually affect my life. Or simply creating something of my own. Something... everlasting

"Never live someone else's life," Jobs said in that speech. Before hearing the entire speech, this was merely a quote in my eyes. I was way too young, so I had over-simplified it.

When you are sleepwalking through life, you develop a retirement plan. It could be a career strategy. (Since our generation cannot retire, speaking my mind here). I was taking my life for granted as well. When it's someone else's funeral, we tend to sync. At the moment, we do what everyone else at the funeral seems to be doing.

Most religions around the world warn us and alert us about our ultimate fate. It will be no different either; growth and decay for all. But 'to just know something' is different from the actual thing. 'having understood something and living a life according to such an awakening.'

Short-term Awareness is easy, and long-term commitment to an idea and a responsible lifestyle is challenging due to our intrinsic tendency to refuse to change... It's not just the atoms or molecules which seek stability and equilibrium. You and I are no strangers to the idea that is 'Stability.'

But what might be the difference between 'Stability' and 'Stagnation'?

Disclaimer here, I can't be sure. You might still like to read this interpretation of mine. Stability could be a more physical reality of our existence. Our financial, social, professional, familial, and personal 'needs' exist in it. Our 'wants' become fulfilled. It happens in a slightly flexible but mostly unchanged manner.

Stagnation is more of a mixed reality. Your psycho-spiritual, as well as the physical aspects, come together in this concept. In other words, you can have every material part of success and still feel as if... there is still something missing...

You are going nowhere...

Each day is a copy of the preceding day...

As if you are stuck in some golden cage of endless, boundless comfort.

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Coming up with ideas and trying to combine them in a manner to enhance the meaning of the ultimate item  (thus created) with a sense of reasonably good standards might help us to escape from any stagnated aspect of our life towards a better world about which we had given up too early. Instead of such slightly heavier writing, we can always amuse ourselves with the verses in the poems. While even a person with a keyboard can give you some practical foresight into job-seeking (if you still want to go that way), learning things on a Self-Regulated Learning principle might be better than being taught by a silly teacher. I hope to see you again on the SummaryMaster51v blog, powered by the year 2020.

Keep reading, keep writing. :)