Separate Your Satisfaction from the Immediate External Events

Happiness, joy, pleasure, and fun. They may or may not belong to external factors. Anyway, it doesn't change anything that much for you. Your daily life stays the same. You seek Satisfaction. You need to do something every day. Else, it gets boring. And you experience all the bittersweet life events. Some aspects are too dark. Yet, relatable. Your limited lifespan isn't a definite number.

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To cope with the stress, you learn how to appreciate them all. Tears are an important part of who you are. Within a healthy margin, of course. Satisfaction is complex. External well-being cannot assure you everlasting satisfaction.

Why seek Everlasting Satisfaction?

Let me elaborate. You could have a great life, many resources at your disposal, and a few good people in your life. Still, something might feel lacking or missing.

No self-loathing here.

Verbal ladders aside, things can get boring. Devoid of some kind of unique feel. No meaning, purpose, or challenge. Nothing that could help you grow up.

Now, boredom still prompts us,

to take some action,

for preventing our brain,

from going insane. 

Poetry is a nice hobby. Well, boredom is not bad. A friendly amount of boredom can boost your creativity. An innovative spirit might blossom for a while.

When Dissatisfaction aligns with your Boredom

The problems lie with the self-induced disinterest. On a regular basis. Life is draining, alright.

Some fellow human beings have infinite 'patience'. Others perform an endless positivity marathon.

Not everyone is like that; it is okay to be more critical, and realistic about your life.

Cultures around the world have foretold. Being too creative or thoughtful could harm you. Thus, serious people suffer more. Their health is under threat.

Shortest version?

Don't be Smart: Overthinking, a Blessed Curse, a ticket to Unhappy Life

Being Smart is stupid. It's a health hazard. And it is dangerous. So, choose the other way for your life story. (Or something like that.)

Here is an interesting corollary, or a spin-off, for that same idea;

Stop paying your attention to every other news. Over-information smells foul. The world has too many details and noise. It is going to drain you in real-time. That's inevitable.

Instead, disassociate your Emotional Well-Being, with most of the External Approval Systems.

Nope, it is not any theory of suppressing or renouncing your emotions. Even if the emotions can become a suffocating burden; at times, they make us human.

Can't deny that.

In fact, we appreciate happiness, because we understand sadness.

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I know, that a holiday is going to make me happy. Because I am not slacking off on my work days. But, if I am not investing my efforts in my work, I won't enjoy it to the fullest.

Confronting the unhappy or irritating events daily makes the vacation valuable to me.

A few minutes of charging your phone don't matter if it was already at ninety percent mark. But when you do something urgent and critical, every percent will count.

You might encounter charging problems. So, it will get even more frustrating.

Long story short:

Happiness, without experiencing Unhappiness, is not possible for us.

Your Happiness as a State of Mind and Coping up with Your Reality

It's all in your head, and it's all in my head. We have hormonal dynamics as a human being. This magnificent machine, the human body, is a gift of our Mother Nature. Unknown Super-intelligence, that maintains the laws of the Nature... powers it as well.

But it grows old. And then, it stops.

When? How? Why... does it stop?

Well, different cultures arrived at similar opinions. About the life after the final breath, of ours. Irrespective of our backgrounds, we share the same fate. Geographies or Belief-systems might differ.

You can understand the strict Creator of this universe in one way. I will select another. Yet, the distant stars, and our mechanical cars, obey the same rules and behaviours... no matter whom we worship.

Our brains have a thousand ideas. Personalities are never the same. The ultimate destination stays the same. For you. For me.

And for everyone.

Being Satisfied with Who You Are

All our actions, the causes behind them, and the results caused by them form a group. That's our identity. We can't read the minds of others. But my behaviour shows you my thinking style.

Our ancestors used this limitation of our capabilities, to their advantage.

They employed their solitude and boredom for the legendary literary works. They made astonishing discoveries about the mathematical discipline of the universe.

They had the long-term vision as the top priority all the time.

Those, who walked before us, depended on the social sub-systems. But they did not let any external praise or criticism hinder their job.

Be it work, craft, art or thinking.

Is Satisfaction only a Chemical Reaction?

Thoughts, emotions and our responses to external sensations are some chemical reactions. Glands secreting more or less of them affect our feelings.

Certain neurotransmitters go berserk (Hyperactivity). Or underground (Depression)… Yet, our worldview as a whole cannot be mere chemical reactions.

That would be an over-simplification.

Is our inner turmoil a dance of the electrons? Let them travel and dance between the atoms and the molecules. You get to focus on what you feel inside when they work well.

Your Emotions matter

Feelings... are not some programs. There could be a pattern of every person's behavioural traits. But the mechanical actions themselves cannot explain our feelings.

Thus, rejecting that idea, let us proceed.

Reading the body language is all great and cool. And of course, fake positivity or a forced smile can't be the permanent solution.

But this dissection must remind you now. Of what you think, feel, believe, doubt and speak about. It has to remind us what we do in our depressing down-times.

Pseudo-Satisfaction via Madness of Fake Smile works for some

Each of your contacts has the darkest hour. And their profile photos won't let you know that.

If the mind is beyond our understanding, the real-life experiences have a number values.

But Smiling needs no cash.

Happiness might be some form of madness. We embrace it to reduce the painful realisations. Of this boring, un-special and unjust reality we experience daily.

Like the jokes, literature and hobbies; happiness stops us from going insane. Due to the frustrations of an average human life.

Outside World, Your Satisfaction and Measurement of the Abstract Concepts

Let's say that you want to measure happiness, sadness, anger, love or satisfaction. How would you like to go about it? Of course, in a basic sense, health and wealth wallet contribute to our 'well-being'.

We could define all those is a material manner only.

Also, we need to keep in mind, that a healthy mind is crucial as well. Knowing what not to do with the wealth, is a wisdom that's not measured without the hiccups.

As for the good quality of social life, it won't be the same. Your personality type can affect it.

Tangible Assets and Speculations for Good Life

The tangible material objects are often easier to quantify, study and audit.

But, defining what is a healthy mind, the wisdom of wealth-management and 'good quality' social life... That act is bold. It is surprising that Material and Emotional well-being could contradict with one another.

You might recall, "... physical well-being might still be lacking or missing something..." Such a vibe is not the fault of the physical reality at all.

As it happens, I was curious about the statistics behind these correlations or ideas. Between the material wealth, academic qualification, happiness and humans' average lifespan.

You should definitely keep the track of such research.

Research of Joy is Never 'Final'

Research papers, PDFs, lecture notes or eBooks noted this:

Money, higher education and wealth are not related to happiness in a direct sense.

This is an over-simplified summary. Because you need to read the Research Papers and the discussions. You know, no research is ever 'final'.

Every research method can have its possible sources of errors. In some cases, other people interfere with it. The commercial or 'other' entities might affect certain Research works.

Techniques for measuring your Quality of Life

Hyper-generalising here, let's look at Probabilistic Measurement, instead of the Deterministic Measurement.

In a nutshell, the first style gives you a range of values. It explains any form of measurement as a Mathematical Chance or Event. It's like getting 4.5 to 6.3 percent Returns on your funds.

Also, the Term deposits or SIPs (systematic investments) give you different ROIs. Market conditions and public policies affect it. Thus, it is a Possibility or Chance.

And it is a number range, instead of a fixed figure.

Thus, you know the largest possible returns, and the minima of the same.

The actual returns appear only in the future. And nobody can predict it. That's why it is a more mature, rational or 'realistic' way of measurement.

Multi-faceted Solution which accounts for all causes behind Contentment

In the second approach, you have a fixed value. The number of your fingers is a finite whole figure. Or the amount in your bank account, your age or the clock-hours.

They are not the games of luck. You can count them in an accurate manner.

There is no one clear definition of happiness. Same is true for satisfaction, sadness or fun. Country to country, city to city, for every soul; these ideas vary.

The logical approach is like Limit State Design philosophy.

If Everything is a System, of Satisfying Variables

You combine all factors into one equation. Each item has a Coefficient of Importance. Material and Abstract ideas are present in it, as a team. Statistical Significance, they say.

That last term is an academic or mathematical jargon. It states that all the factors are important in different intensity. Major factors and Minor causes are easy to know.

And the concepts would be dependent on the context as well.

The Smiles of Different People have unequal Aspirations

Satisfying a hungry person requires food. For an ill individual, medicine will help more. If a fellow human-being is experiencing brain disorder, an empathy-based conversation is great. The poor will find pleasure in cash.

The related factors in the happiness equation should reflect this reality.

As we ascend the Income Group Hierarchy, the priorities would differ, and so will the equation.

No Method is 'Perfect' or 'Accurate'... Ever [ counting Completeness ]

Even so, it is too much focused on an individual human-being. Such approach neglects the external factors which decide your state of mind. Especially in the traffic jams.

The factors well within your control are constant. Examples include sleeping early and exercising. But you know, not all humans are great with these habits.

Now, that mindset, is plain lame.

Victim Mindset, Imposter Syndrome and Self-made Misery

We have the ability to imagine, plan, doubt, create and to learn. the moment you believe that you can't change your ways, is the end. It's the game over of civilisations.

All the recorded as well as the undocumented history of our species, turns into dust.

The principle is still usable, by focusing on the measurable aspects of the society. The abstract concepts of Satisfaction aren't tied to the physical riches of society.

Traits of the Fulfilled and Less Filled Humans

If the stomach is full, to the brim, its owner cannot appreciate the value of 'anything edible'. But it seeks the variants of 'special delicacies'.

That human might start some style or protocol. S/he will prepare the meal as per this ritual.

Already saturated and commoditised markets, would start a never-ending search for something unique. The products would be ownable, displayable and associable with one's identity.

And guess what, there is nothing wrong with it.

Wealth, Education and 'Chance' of Betterment

The higher education and the greater wealth improve the 'chance' of happiness. Contentment and the sense of betterment come with it. Wealth and education can boost your self-esteem and your individuality.

It's a chance, not a hundred percent definite outcome.

Despite of such luxuries, the satisfaction may be low. Below the levels we expected. Humans want the sense of belonging and the meaningfulness as well.

The Rich, The Foundations and Modern Philanthropy - Sense of Purpose

How often do we hear the words, such as Altruism, Minimalism, Philanthropy or Purpose of Life?

By no means this stays limited to the well-living either.

That's a noble cause, actually. Everyone from any background would always enjoy Art. You can rejoice the Music, Dance, Poetry and Writing.

And many more styles of seeking Meaning, Purpose and Enlightenment are out there in the world.

Struggles to left Existence and Self-gratification

The point is how the over-satisfaction can have side-effects. The repetitive 'joyful' life could make us yearn for thrill. Challenges are attractive. New experiences make us think.

And the immortal questions of why we exist, for what purpose we live, is there any at all? And if there is none, then what should we be doing with this lifespan and all the resources that we have?

Hence, my lord, this is still a personal struggle to win oneself. The Socio-Economic Progress can be remarkable or regrettable, we ought to stay on our path.

Detachment: Temporary Delight amid the External 'Noise'

In the end, satisfaction depends on your strain and stress levels. There is no helping it. Are we ignoring the obvious self-evident signs of the troubles? Of something being 'not right'.

Frequent mood-swings

Difficulty in sleeping

And the poor socialising skills.

They are not problematic themselves.

It's the side-effects of those tendencies. They could cause the insecurities, and the perceived / self-taught sense of, 'induced helplessness'.

Once we have a victim mindset, it's only grows stronger. And deeper. We convince ourselves that we shouldn't take any decisions on our own.

So, the definition of 'happiness' or satisfaction, changes.

Detachment, Escapism and Inferiority Complex

We don't wish to err. Mistakes frighten us. We take our Imperfections for granted. Failure becomes the only word we care about.

We end up following certain people or groups, which might harm us even more. Welcome to the rabbit hole, of the bottomless echo-chambers.

So, relax.

Not kidding at all! Once of the greatest and wisest act of kindness, you could show to yourself, is taking a break.

Take a break.

But if you'd rest too much, it would be bad, right? Productivity, material wealth and your reputation brainwash you to 'hustle'. The tireless hard-work, forever.

"Hope and Hustle." I like sharing this idea. It gives you strength. My dismay lies with its mis-use. Case in point: Multi-tasking and Exploitation.

Detaching our mental plane, from this complicated world, can do wonders.

But everything has an uglier side, or the unwanted other effects. Any form of peace, achieved through Detachment, is a temporary remedy.

Comfort Zone is NOT Satisfaction, but Stagnation

It may recharge us and help us recuperate. Detaching can even guide us towards more creative solutions. Yet, the risk exists when we depend on it too much, using it for Escapism.

It is one thing, to take a break or go on a vacation. It's different if one constructs a shell around the self, to live in some Eternal Comfort Zone.

You should figure out a way, to balance your daily routine. Use the many small breaks, to avoid the risk of frustration. Being apathetic due to the daily exhaustion, or any prolonged 'leisure', is almost the same.

Don't let the external irritations numb your senses. Regaining them will be tougher.

Ask this to yourself, like a Litmus test for your sensitivity;

So, "which flower do you like?"

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