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Yes, the concept of Success or "being successful in your life" is sweet. And your satisfaction levels matter a lot. But these words do not have the same meaning for each person. So, everyone tries to define them. As such, the definitions vary.

In fact, this post explores the different methods of understanding success. 

As you shall see, we all have many options for making our own theories. And the list of the main indicators related to this sense of achievement is available below.

Remember that you are free to form your personal stance on this subject matter. Thus, this article should handle this discussion using the most relatable examples.

Let's begin this article with an image that might be interesting to you.

Of course, the following picture is confusing. But it is a funny way of summarising the points you will encounter here.

Picture 1. Different aspects of success appear along a circular border.

One viewpoint isn’t enough. More than eight billion interpretations exist. Your definition is one of them. No single definition is universal or perfect.

Isn’t this great?


You are free to define it the way you see fit. No strings attached. Do you find satisfaction in work? Treating it as an art piece?

Or is it tourism that you love?

Does a trip or trek make your heart throb fast?

Do you put your friends and family above all else?

Or is it your solitude you cherish the most? A non-negotiable asset for you, huh?

"What is Success?"

It is an Open-Ended question. The answer varies from person to person.

Wealth as One's Success

The most common denominator is Net Worth.

A person with ₹10,00,000 income (p.a.) may be rich. This person is less successful if s/he has a serious psycho-physio medical condition based on income.

Say another person earns an annual income of ₹3,00,000. Assume he has a healthy body and stable mind. You can consider him more successful because he does not observe huge cash outflows associated with multiple medical treatments.

For some, Success depends on their Reputation. For others, it is all about Smiling every day.

The only measurable and provable metric is Material Wealth. But, it can backfire. If success equals health, greater material wealth can lead to an unhappy life. Happiness depends on emotional well-being & relationships anyways.

Perceptions and Place

It's also dependent on the Moment and Relative Poverty (geography-based).

If a country has a Middle-Class Population, then owning a Business is a success. Higher education is 'normal'.

But if the public is less educated, then a Store-keeping Job is a success. Primary School Education is valuable. Most people do low-quality manual labor jobs.

For example, PhDs and Bullet Trains are nothing special in a Developed Country. But even a private Rusted Bicycle is a success for an undeveloped war-ridden land.

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