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Studying Toxic Behaviors - Identification and Management

You know that humans are social animals. But when you interact with others, you build bittersweet memories. So, how can you recognise and handle a toxic situation? By learning about the potentially toxic interactions, you safeguard your moods and psychological wellbeing.

In fact, preserving your brain health is vital. Only then, you can realise your long-term financial goals.

Remember that your mental stability correlates to your productivity. Thus, you must not allow other individuals and external factors to disturb your inner calm. Why? Because your productivity plays a vital role in your income sources. E.g., monthly cash inflows, quarterly revenue streams or your annual salaries.

Of course, you will find some insights about the topics mentioned above in this blog post.

Before You Start - Important Disclosure

This is neither a clinical nor a professional consultation / advice.

Also, Akp51v holds a bachelor's degree in regular Civil Engineering course. And I am casually exploring some online courses about CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. [ As of 19th September, 2021 ]

So, this blog post is a simple essay about Toxic Human Behaviour in general.

Part 1. You must watch out for these potentially toxic acts - My Dramatic and Opinionated Take

You are a human, and so am I. During our childhood, we were too innocent for our own good. Though such a Sensitivity is a virtue; it can become a curse. So, be careful. Because the world is full of the manipulative people.

Also, they are clever. Thus, you can never drop your guard.

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One chance... A single moment is enough for them.

To twist the words, and to distract you.

By forcing the attention on other factors, the ill-will people stay safe. We have to acknowledge their cunning mind.

The Table of Contents is near the bottom of this post.

Be careful of the words your consume. And verify the information you receive. Your well-being is in your own hands.

Underestimating such Toxic People, isn't an option.

In a second, they can drive you insane. Or they might control you, using a sluggish unnoticeable method. Till the time you become alert, the damage might be huge already.

So, you should learn about the Logical Fallacies yourself. If you are okay being stupid, innocent or kind; then don't complain. You are living in the imaginary world. Of the absolute idealism. As such, a steep price is waiting for you.

Don't want to be fooled?

Then, study!

Study hard. To defend yourself, you need the knowledge of the incoming attacks.

Try to detect when someone is trapping you emotionally.

Are you locked in a Guilt Trip?

Using psychology is not wrong itself. If you are not harming anyone, then simple techniques are fine. Bright colours and slightly louder noise are fine as well. And directing the User's attention to a button makes sense.

Sad it may be, but some human beings think in an inhumane fashion.

Nothing is more important than their ego and status. For achieving their goals, they will 'use' you. L ike a tool. As if you are not an individual. Denying you any right or chance to think, they will brainwash you with false promises.

Or the artificial threats.

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Caring and fearing are different ideas. You will confuse them if a toxic person wins you over. Thus, stay alert when someone is trying to 'care' about you.

Some humans have no dreams or goals. If they want something, they don't work for it. They will make you do their job. And later, you will be forgotten.

Do you find it okay to waste your time and energy for such human beings?

If no, then take a planned action. Why plan it? Well, the toxic people are experienced in the art of manipulation. Even if you know who they are, chances are, they will twist the narrative.

Remember the 'Blame Game' melodrama?

A person who doesn't want his or her flaws to be exposed, will turn the conversation against you. You become 'evil' or selfish, for demanding an explanation from them. They highlight your mistakes with too much malice.

So, they create a lot of drama. Their crimes disappear in that noise.

Then the 'abusive words' method tries to engulf your self-esteem. See, your self-esteem and your sense of individuality are threats to the toxic brains. As long as you believe in yourself, the abusive person cannot scratch you.

Your Self-doubts are their fuel barrels. Only the lack of self-confidence makes your brainwashing possible.

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How do they do it?

Your life-choices are treated as mistakes.

No logical arguments are present. Only because you did not listen to them, everything is wrong. This technique is used to make you depend on them.

    By forcing you to doubt your wings, they make you use their jets.

Please, never compromise your self-belief and self-image. If they brainwash you with success, you will lose something. And the Financial Loss is just one of the outcomes. Because the Psychological Effects will haunt you for the rest of your life.

Instead of being consumed by Trust Issues, born out of that Trauma; pay attention to the possible sweet-talkers right now.

Sweet-talking humans can be Toxic as well.

In other words, a Toxic Person is not just someone who yells, insults or hurts. S/he can be a charming individual. These people are like a Half-Truth.

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Lie can be detected with logic. But Half-Truths are made with Logic itself.

Thus, Sweet-talking people won't show any malicious ulterior motif. They might 'play' with you for months or years. When you see through their masks, it's already too late.

And it will hurt even more, than a generic Toxic person's betrayal.

You may start to suspect every last person, in your contact list, to be a Sweet-talking Toxic human being. Because of one person, you might lose your ability to trust a person.

And that's not a good thing.

Doubting everyone is not a solution.

You can identify the toxic minds. You don't need me. The web is full of meaningful guidance. But even some manipulators carry a fake persona of a guide.

It's tough selecting your teachers.

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In fact, anyone can create a LinkedIn profile or Social Media Creator Account. Hence, you need to conduct a background-check yourself. People can claim to be anyone. And such anonymity has power to damage you.

Again, the responsibility lies with you.

Not because this is some prep-talk or fake positivity mission. But because I am not qualified to warn you. I can point out the patterns which I know or use myself to avoid some unwanted 'troubles'. And that's it.

How you navigate or make sense of these observed patterns, is up to you.

Just defend your Self-respect. That is a strong way of living a life of Own Convictions. If the Self-respect is compromised, the world is ready to fill you with Third-party Convictions.

"What is YOUR dream?"

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"What are your values?"

"Why did you start?"

Don't forget your answers to above questions. And it should be enough to ward off the Masters of Manipulation.

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Written by AK Patil
Tweets on @akp51v

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