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To face your truths, fears and weaknesses; you must write. Because this action alone helps you reduce your inner chaos. After all, you can calm down and edit your text. So, your perspective towards life could improve. Here, you will review a few concepts associated with the benefits of writing.

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Using words help you store and process your communication. And you are not a robot. Thus, your emotional well-being improves when you write. Because your commitment to your drafts is a vital asset on its own.

When you write it, you manage it with clarity.

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As your academic life ends, you get more choices of lifestyle. But you have to handle your stress levels throughout your life. Then, you might start struggling with your obligations. Also, you live in this century of over-information. Of course, you might start forgetting or confusing important details.

How can writing help you manage your leisure and duties?

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In theory, you can use the concepts of Checklists. But remember, Checklist items exist without a realistic order. And even if you use numbers for your list, your order of priorities must be different. Another tool is an electronic worksheet. E.g., files created in Google Sheets, MS Excel or LibreOffice Calc.

Hence, you will have greater control over sorting methods.

Finally, you can try noting down each activity and the time it consumes. Then, you can find your weekly patterns. And by preparing a written schedule for tomorrow, you will have an awesome sleep tonight. Because emptying your mind is essential for a pleasant sleep cycle.

Your words help you go beyond your daily routine.

Is your regular day good enough for you? Look, you need to try new ideas. And your curiosity must not decline a lot. Yes, you don't have the same level of innocence and wonder as a newborn child. So, nobody shall judge you for appearing bored or uninterested.

Traffic, stress, time limits or financial woes... Any of these factors can ruin your mood.

Still, you can practice handwriting or typing a casual piece. And it can be completely imaginary. Or, you can try writing about a non-fiction topic. So, only your imagination can have a limit. With your written drafts, you can create another world of magic.

Writing helps you understand yourself better.

Your mind is full of conflict. Why? Because in your life, you always encounter unwanted experiences. And you might not have noticed one reality. A thought process is active in your mind all the time. Also, its assumptions or opinions cause chaos within you.

Such inner struggle might affect your health, productivity and relationships.

In these cases, you can try to write down every idea running wild in your mind. Do not worry about writing perfectly at this initial stage. Because you wish to vent out any pent up pressure or emotional burden. So, let your word dance on your paper or screen.

Now, can you use your freestyle writings to improve your self-knowledge?

Yes. But it can become difficult if you write in an unorganised manner. After all, freestyle writing and poor writing skills are two separate events. Thus, you might reread your drafts to notice your psychological patterns.

Unlike the daily routines from earlier sections, these patterns are not measurable.

So, you cannot depend on worksheets or software for analysing your random notes. And here is the correct approach to this problem. Don't look at your draft for some days. After a gap of time, review your writings. By doing so, you will gain insights without any personal attachments to your first draft.


You have learned about the advantages of your writing activities. This way, you will gain the discipline of systematic thought processing. Also, you will handle your emotions efficiently.

So, what do you plan to write tonight? Is it a personal, fictional or non-fiction topic?

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