Uncertainty in Life is Not Surprising | Post 34

Knowing your future can make life boring. Because the thrill of not knowing could vanish. So, you should give up on accurate estimates. After all, the word "Estimate" indicates a lack of any definite answer. But directionless life frightens me, you and everyone.

As a result, you struggle with all the different possibilities. You wonder and ponder the thoughts of tomorrow. And even if you hit a dead-end, you keep thinking about your future.

But the Unknown nourishes Your Curiosity

You know how our ancestors sought mysteries and new destinations. From archaeology to mysticism; human creativity, as well as curiosity, kept evolving. Now, your generation knows hints about your genetic makeup. Besides, you can think about colonising Mars or Space Tourism.

Why is that so? Why does humanity keep exploring the unknown?

Many movies do the same to you, right? They present you with the characters and the story arcs. And you engage with that adventure. At the end of it, you get the answers about how each character develops. By the time that story gets old enough, you chase after a newer trend.

Because you cannot resist "not knowing."

Lack of Information builds up Stress

Yet, some stories won't answer all the doubts. And this leaves you with frustration. Then, your good self tries to predict, deduce and debate for the plot holes in such a story. Especially now, the culture of Open-ended Storytelling is in full throttle.

So, the fan-art and the "theories" keep growing.

But something quite similar might be happening to your life story as well. Because you will eventually achieve a certain level of stability. And as the challenges become part of your routine, you get comfortable. After that, you cannot help thinking about the meta concepts in your life.

Having No Clue of Tomorrow is Okay

It might be tempting to believe what everyone says to you. But rest assured, nobody has figured out life. Believe it or leave it, your friends from all age groups get confused with life. At the end of the day, living is a generous term for suffering. Also, that is not bad.

Because you must learn to coexist with your darker parts. Thus, your guilt, pain, shame, worries and anger serve a purpose. Anyway, accepting your less gorgeous aspects is vital for your growth.

So, keep walking. Even if you are not sure about which path to follow, don't undervalue yourself. After all, the game is over only if you give up on your potential. And yes, your "talents" or accomplishments might be insufficient for the long haul.

When you go to sleep tonight, try to write your thoughts about your future. Then, close your personal journal. And have an awesome bedtime.


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