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Crying is Okay, You Know | Post 36

You will feel pain because you are alive. And guess what, it is completely cool to let your emotions dance on your face. Anyway, if you try to lie about your feelings, that suffering increases. So, do not worry about what others might think of you.

Let your tears be free.

Crying is not a weakness

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Yes, you need courage and honesty to cry freely. Because of the social norms, you might have heard that your tears represent vulnerability. "Oh, what a great misdeed! You shall not allow the world to see your less likeable side." Something that has the potential to make you feel bad about your sensitivity.

Though I agree with the obvious dangers of being oversensitive, I must say that your tears are good for your health.

All you need to do is to perform a quick search for the benefits of crying. And you would be shocked to learn the chemistry, biology and well-being aspects of your tears. Again, cry without a doubt and let those tears heal your wounds, alleviate your worries and expand your wisdom.

Just like your sweat, tears remove toxins

If you cry as a strong emotional response, your tears carry the stress hormones outside of your body. As you know, even your sweat is a brilliant method that removes problematic matter from your system.

So, you are preventing the release of those chemicals by suppressing your tears.

Now, I firmly believe that refusing to cry causes a weird heavy head problem. I don't know about you, but I like tragedies as well. And whenever I have stopped myself from crying, an unfamiliar heaviness has been the result.

Emotional relief must be your top priority

What is more important to you? Does it even matter if others judge you for showing your tears? Look, here is the deal. Everyone else is going to laugh at you for one reason or another. And the individuals who focus on important tasks do not care a bit about how cool or strong you are.

So, you should stand up for yourself and for your emotional truths.

If your mind is unable to settle those painful thoughts, you are done for. Then, your work-life balance could suffer. Even your interpersonal skills might take a hit.

Why must you risk all of that out of some fear of judgement and ridicule?

"You are allowed to cry," Mother Nature says so.

Okay then. I have learnt the hard way that third party advice is not always useful. Hence, you must think for yourself. If do not take the charge of your life, the entire society tries to install its "norms" in your mind.

If nothing else, ask yourself this. "Why would Mother Nature provide you with the ability to cry?"

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