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In college viva voce and for interviews, you need some formal ornaments. And a good wristwatch does the trick. So, let's explore the story of the Quartz Revolution.

Before the year 1970, your grandparents used purely mechanical watches. And only the most experienced craftsman could create them. Also, those tools were the ultimate forms of precision and elegance. Even today, mechanical watches hold great value for traditional and technical reasons.

First Quartz Watch - Seiko Quartz Astron 35SQ

On the 25th day of December 1969, this watch went mainstream. According to the Seiko Museum Ginza, Quartz Astron 35SQ had a price similar to that of a car. As you can guess, its accuracy was better. Also, this watch was a result of many decades of research.


  1. Warren Marrison invented the quartz "clock" in 1927 in America.
  2. Issac Koga built the first Japanese quartz clock in 1937.
  3. Seiko's quartz clock for the broadcasting stations was as big as a locker during1958-59.

And they kept at it. Thus, Quartz Astron 35SQ became a reality.

Working Principles of your Quartz Watch

So, why does this category of wristwatch give you better precision? Here, the simple answer is its material property. You see, quartz vibrates with a specific frequency when you apply electricity to it.

Besides, the American firm Hamilton Watch Company had already produced the first electric watch. As a result, technology that could replace the use of spring energy was available.

Finally, you needed to know how many vibrations of quartz would equate to one second time.

Now, the answer is 32,768 or 215 vibrations. By using a suitable electric circuit that can record this frequency of electrified quartz, your wristwatch shows you the time in seconds.

Of course, your watch uses its tiny battery to keep this system working.

Modern Day Quartz Watches

Now, I will try to introduce some of those watches. So, this will be my summary for each of them. First, you will see some leather belt watches, Then, we would explore other categories as well.

1 | Titan Autumn-Winter 19 Analog White Dial Men's Watch NM1585SL07/NN1585SL07

Base Product Image Source: Amazon, as of 28.10.2021

It has a leather belt with a buckle. And as you can see in the above image, you get the usual 1 to 12 numbers. As its dial is white in colour, you get sufficient contrast to read the time. Also, it has water resistance and it weighs 200 grams.

This watch by Titan comes with a round metallic case.

Thus, you get a good balance of casual and formal vibes. If you like the simple, profound and familiar designs, this wristwatch might be a good fit for you.

2 | Titan Autumn-Winter 20 Analog Black Dial Women's Watch 2596SL05

Base Product Image Source: Amazon, as of 28.10.2021

With the slim lines as the digits, this wristwatch has a leather belt as well. Also, it features a brass case and buckle. Here, I must say that the digits, as well as the time arms, seem geometric. And the black dial for these details creates a formal look.

Of course, you get sufficient contrast in a low-light room as well. But I couldn't find its weight though. Sorry for that.

Like any other collection, you can choose a different colour combination. Although I have mixed feelings about its gold case watch variant; if that is what you love, then go for it.

Endnote - My Preferences and Yours

These days, you can get a water-resistant and shockproof quartz watch. And variants exist to satisfy a wide variety of consumer bases. Hence, you might like the roman numbers or the usual digits, there is a quartz watch for that.

Personally, the slightly golden hour hands and silver themes appeal to me.

Of course, this is my preference. And you might have your standards. For example, my brother likes a more "cybernetic" feel. But some friends go for the leather belts. Also, I do not appreciate completely golden watches.

At last, you should avoid the monochrome theme. Because depending on your choice, it gets difficult to read the time quickly in a dim-lit environment.

As with any other design consideration, do not forget to maintain a reading-friendly contrast between the digits and clock disk.

Yes, I like the circular analogue wristwatches.

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