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Please Get Enough Sleep and Drink Enough Water | Akp5v SMD

Mother Nature is clever. Because she provided us with three revitalizing superpowers:

  1. Drink water regularly.
  2. Eat your food as if you are meditating.
  3. Sleep to erase all your ailments.

So, you can lead a pleasant and fulfilling life.

But in this age of competition and hyperactivity, you are more likely to become sleep deprived. Thus, you must maintain sight of these three virtues. Rehydrate yourself and eat with patience. Above all else, kindly do not compromise on getting a night of excellent sleep quality.

Now, WebMD has an article about the ten dangerous effects of sleep deprivation. But in a nutshell, you are putting your heart and metabolism at risk.

Also, your daytime productivity at work decreases with irregular slumber.

Your Sleep is the Ultimate Healing Magic

Photo by Kate Stone Matheson on Unsplash

When you are sleeping, your body repairs itself. Be it your immune system or internal glands, your body is trying to use this relaxing state to its fullest extent.

If you are interested in how sleep aids your emotional and physical well-being, I have found an article by Healthline that explains this well. You are not mistaken if you believe your psychological resilience is closely related to your sleeping habits.

Rest more to get healed! Naturally and peacefully.

Let's remember that sleeping is one of the best medicines. Allow me to say that laughter might get the second position as a high-quality healing tool. Finally, your ability to remember and handle complex details relies on a truly Good Night.

Methods for Improving Your Sleeping Experience

I am no authority on this topic. But the techniques below could help you increase the chance of good quality sleep. So, think of these tips as unique skills that help you cast the spell of relaxing fast.

Tip 1. Write down all your thoughts to empty your mind.

As you grow older, you start being stuck in past events or worrying about your future. And doing so is entirely normal. Yet, you must refrain from constantly carrying these chaotic thoughts with you. Primarily, you should empty your mind for bedtime peace.

This method has worked for me personally for the last seven years. Also, I get to observe and detect the foolish trends in my mind.

You can only do this if you put your thoughts in a textual format. Thus, go ahead, my friend. And clear your mind. Of course, you will not suppress your emotions to practice fake or superficial positivity. Nope. That would be a temporary illusion of peace anyway.

Here, you accept that some thoughts are messing up your well-being. This provides you with additional confidence about your future. As such, falling asleep and embracing your dreamy night is more effortless.

Tip 2. Close your eyes and listen to calming instrumental music.

This approach helped me study mathematics, physics, and structural engineering topics in college. And because the music is involved, I suggest using your earphones briefly. Otherwise, if your earphones do not have an elastic membrane, your eardrums vibrate more.

So, be careful when using this approach. Even with ergonomic earphones with soft membranes, please use only the minimum volume levels.

I have used this method for sleeping during the seasons of late-night festivals. I focused on the calming music to ignore the alarming noise pollution outside. But I do not use this approach on the usual days.

Tip 3. Create and remember a small prayer or mantra about sleep.

Note that you must create your mantra or prayer. And it does not need to depend on your religion or culture. So, repeating something as simple as the statement below might be enough.

"I am sleeping. I am sleeping. Slowly, I am sleeping."

Also, you should feel relaxed because it takes varying duration. After all, unlike the two tips mentioned earlier, this technique needs your active participation. If you recall that little mantra or spell in a tense or uncomfortable way, you might increase your sleep difficulties.

Here, the core concept stays the same. That is, put your full attention on one goal. You want to sleep, and only that concern deserves your attention. To improve the quality of your mantra, use the following enhancements.

Trick 1. Hold your body in a comfortable but constant position.

Trick 2. Use some sort of hand signs or finger-crossing to control your concentration.

The Endnote

To sleep better, please reconsider your routine: are your daily activities healthy, meaningful, and fulfilling? How can you increase the hours of your rest? Or should you focus more on the quality of sleep? I am not qualified to comment on these details. But I promise your daily productivity will increase once you sleep well.

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